Which Are the Best Free SEO Courses Available Online (Updated) 2021 for Beginners?

Digital Marketing Course Lahore
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Which Are the Best Free SEO Courses Available Online (Updated) 2021 for Beginners?

Digital Marketing Course Lahore

Are you planning to make a successful future in digital marketing? Do you want yourself to be called out as the master of SEO?

Well, trust me; this is the dream of every single person who has just newly stepped into the digital marketing world and is looking forward to gaining better opportunities. But as a beginner, have you ever thought about taking guidance from a Digital Marketing Course Lahore? If not, then think about it right now!

What is the Importance of Digital Marketing or SEO Courses?

It all starts from link building, targeting the website, and writing amazing content by using accurate keywords, optimizing the website, and much more.

All such techniques are explained in the courses with full details to help you know about how you can target websites on Bing, Google, or a few more search engines.

Professional and reliable SEO courses are generally offered by specialized institutes where they include correct and updated information. The trainee will have an opportunity to go for one-on-one interactions with the rest of the trainers and get proper feedback on their projects for future betterment.

In addition, it is quite cheaper in comparison with hiring any digital marketing company or SEO consultant. It eventually boosts your marketing skills as a beginner to perform better in the market. Plus, it even guides you about how you can maintain a better ranking on the search engines for the excellent growth of your website.

List of Best Free SEO Courses Online (Updated) 2021

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1. Free SEO Course (Reliablesoft)

To learn some basics about SEO, then choosing this course is the best option for you. The whole course is extremely easy to follow, and you will find the language suitable for non-technical users.

Right through this SEO Course, you will learn about how the whole process of SEO works and how SEO is connected with search engine algorithms. Plus, it even guides the beginners about the three major SEO sub-processes, which are Technical SEO, On-Page SEO, and Off-Page SEO.

We recommend this course to beginners, with which the beginners can learn about the foundation of SEO and its advancement. As you get registered with this course, you can also download the Complete SEO Checklist to ensure that an SEO-friendly website is possible.

2. Free SEO training: SEO for beginners (Yoast)

Yoast Free SEO Course is what we are sharing next on our list! It’s a complete SEO crash course that is ideal for beginners to learn the basics of SEO. Even for the students, this course is the best option to grab right now for having advanced knowledge about SEO networks. It all starts with the explanation of some SEO fundamentals, such as how search engines work.

This whole course has been divided into three major sections such as introduction to SEO, content SEO, and technical SEO. If you do not know SEO, then having this course should be your priority. The best thing about this course is that it even enables you to know about the technical aspects of SEO through easy language.

3. SEO Training Course by Moz (Udemy)

On the third, we have Udemy Free SEO Course! This course has been the most popular one because it was introduced by Udemy. Around 200K students have already enrolled themselves in this course which has made it to be the most recommended one.

This course was introduced by the Moz Team and was presented by Rand Fiskin. The whole course is in the format of video with a duration of 3.5 hours. It’s a great course where you can learn all the aspects of SEO for the advanced and beginners. Rank Fishkin is no doubt a great presenter, and he has highlighted every single aspect of SEO in detail in the video description, which makes it extra fun and enjoyable.

4. Free SEO Course (ClickMinded)

SEO veteran Tommy Griffith is known to be the main instructor of this amazing course. Tommy was also once managing the companies such as Paypal and Airbnb. Through this course, Tommy has deeply explained the whole framework of SEO which he has used at Paypal and Airbnb. Plus, he has even given some recommendations to figure out how a beginner can approach the entire SEO process.

If you want to learn about how some big companies are approaching SEO, then we highly recommend availing of this course. As you enroll yourself in this course, you can even get access to some best SEO resources which are worth your website creation.

5. SEO Training Course:

Lastly, HubSpot Free SEO Course! This is an amazing and free SEO course introduced by Hubspot. You can also get the best SEO training in Lahore from various institutions. As you register yourself for this course, you will find it available in four lessons including:

  • Developing a powerful SEO strategy
  • Scale up the link building campaigns
  • How you can do SEO at the HubSpot blog
  • Creating and execution of guest blogging campaign

Here we would like to mention that this is not a beginner course. If you want to understand all the video concepts, you should first be aware of the basic aspects of SEO.

Lesson 3 is the interesting part of this course where Hubspot has explained all those strategies which they use to increase the traffic of their blogs. He has even talked about the value of fully building the topical relevance and hence gives examples of how the SEO process works.


So if you want to be the master of the SEO world and be the king of digital marketing,  then avail these amazing courses right now and give your SEO skills better growth and improvement. Go for it now!

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