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online freelancing course in Lahore

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Today we’ll talk about freelancing training in Lahore.

People who are not familiar with working on the Internet often imagine a freelancer’s life like this: a beach, a laptop and money are dripping from the Internet. But this view is far from reality. Freelancers have to work hard, always learn, and it is very difficult for beginners here.

This article will describe talking about the most in-demand freelance jobs and professionals’ average income. Let’s more detail: Let’s talk about becoming a professional freelancer from scratch, what mistakes most freelancers make. In conclusion, I will touch upon an important topic, in my opinion, – paid freelance courses.

Popular professions in freelancing

There are ten professions in total, some have several separate specializations, but I will not dwell on them. Here’s a list:

  • Copywriters.
  • Designers.
  • Illustrators.
  • Layout designers.
  • Translators.
  • Programmers.
  • Tutors.
  • Video editors.
  • Specialists in contextual advertising.
  • SMM specialists.

If you want to be a sought-after, highly-paid specialist, I recommend choosing one of these professions. According to official statistics, freelancers earn 20% more than specialists in the office. But the income stratification between specialists of the same profile is much higher. The monthly income is affected by:

  • Workload.
  • An experience.
  • Qualification.
  • Salesmanship.
freelancing course in Lahore

How to become a freelancing course: step by step instructions?

Here I will try to give a general plan of action to follow if you want to learn a freelancing course in Lahore profession from scratch and without experience.

Step 1: we collect all the information

Before starting work, you need to study the information. You have already chosen a profession, you liked it, and you have a rough idea of what you have to do, but you still don’t know how to do it. The first thing to do is to drive “training … for free” into Google and YouTube.

There should be no paid freelancing courses in Pakistan and schools at this stage. You’re just wasting your money. It is easier, cheaper and faster to find all the training videos on YouTube, and dry information – in a search engine. Go through only free training at the initial stages!

You can register in thematic groups of social networks. If possible, ask your colleagues where to start. Freelancers are usually very responsive people, and if you are serious about it, you will at least get a few links to useful resources. Maximum – they will answer all questions in detail.

Then we go to freelance sites, exchanges, job services, forums and see what kind of work they offer newcomers. You will be interested in the “what to do” item. Can you do it? Move on to the next thing. If not, keep gathering information and learning.

Step 2: Trying to do something and build a portfolio

You already have the necessary skills, but no first orders. For starters, take care of your portfolio. Come up with several orders for yourself (or ask your colleagues to come up with a technical task) and do a few works in your specialty.

Initially, a portfolio is an essential customer acquisition tool. It doesn’t matter how colorfully you describe your qualities. You will always lose to the one who provides links to your work.

After you have done 2 – 3 test tasks, you can submit applications on the sites and freelance exchanges. I do not recommend registering with several services at once, because first, you will have to earn a rating and build a reputation for yourself. It is more challenging to do this on several resources.

If the price for the work is not indicated, then take it slightly below the market average. It will pay off in the future. Right now, the most important thing is getting the first reviews, building a reputation, and getting your hands on it. Try not to mess too much on your first orders. If you are dismissed from work immediately after registration, agree, this will not be the best recommendation for new customers.

Step 3: Access to a stable income

Then everything is straightforward: you fulfill orders, gain experience, do your job better and better, earn a rating, reviews and increase prices.

I will say right away that to reach an income of 20 – 25 thousand $ in 1 – 2 months; you will have to plough. Initially, the payment will be small, so you need to take the amount of work.

This is the wrong approach. Suppose there is no strong need for money. In that case, it is better to work a little less (not 10, but 6 – 7 hours a day) and devote free time to learning: read professional literature, watch training videos, practice and listen to criticism from colleagues.

In about 2 – 3 months, you will be able to reach a regular income. To earn 300$ a month on freelancing course in Lahore with a workload of 6 hours a day is quite realistic even for beginners. You have to work a little faster than the rest.

Step 4: Continuous development in the profession

After you have found a permanent income that is more or less comfortable for you, you can devote more time to develop in the profession. We read professional literature, learn something, look at professionals’ work, and develop our style. As soon as you reach a stable income, you can start looking for clients directly, and not only on freelance sites and exchanges.

Specialization allows you to do what you can do and not waste money, for example, design for landing pages or covers for social networks. You narrow down your client base, but you can raise prices because your work is of higher quality, which means it costs more.

The more professional freelancing training in Lahore you become, the longer you work on one order. To think over an idea, collect all the necessary information, analyze and give the best result, you need to spend more time.

Let me give you an example with programmers. They are assigned tasks that the software must solve. And novice programmers don’t spend a lot of time thinking. They sit down and write the code. But cooler specialists are given complex tasks, for which you can write code as quickly as for easy ones, but it will take 2-3 times more time to think.

This is the most enjoyable moment: physically, you work less, but mentally you are more loaded. At the same time, you can think anywhere: on the street, on the couch, in the game, etc. You directly work less and get more. This is a plus of development in the profession.

After you have your vision of the profession, options for solving problems, some ideas for improving the quality of your work that need to be tested and implemented, you can move on to the next point.

Step 5: Master related niches

On one resource for programmers, I saw an interesting theory with which I agree – to be a sought-after specialist; you do not have to be the TOP-1 of your niche. It is enough to be in the TOP-10 in several areas, and then you will be appreciated much higher than those who know more in one profession than you.

The most rewarding niche for freelancers is sales. Moreover, both the sale of goods and services best digital marketing is the sale of oneself as a specialist. First, you have to solve business problems, and in most cases, they are about sales. Secondly, you will have to sell your services as a specialist. The better you are at selling yourself, the higher your income from work.

I also recommend exploring your brand and everything related to it. This will help to position yourself correctly and better sell your services and make money on your name and opinion. You must understand what is interesting for you to study, which is useful in the profession and how to master this direction.

This rough action plan provides guidelines to build upon when studying and working. Naturally, you may have difficulties, some deviations from this plan, but in my understanding, this is the best option for how a freelancer should develop.

freelancing Training in Lahore

The main mistakes of beginner freelancers

Now let’s talk about the most common mistakes beginner freelancers make and how to work with them digital marketing.

1. Lack of discipline

In terms of discipline, freelancing course can be compared to students. They don’t do anything until the deadlines (session), and in the last few days, they have been trying to solve all the problems for which there was a considerable time. Lack of self-discipline can lead to:

  1. Lack of sleep.
  2. Loss of concentration.
  3. Decreased quality of work.
  4. Increased fatigue.

He is an excellent copywriter, writes good texts, useful books for beginners. Still, at one point, he ignored all the deadlines for the delivery of orders, alcohol problems began, and then also the failure of the lessons for which they paid money. As a result: a stain on a career and a loss of trust in him as a specialist.

As one information businessman put it: “Fast is slow, but constantly and at the same pace.” To become successful, in-demand and healthy, you need to work steadily, and not do everything at the last moment. This is easy to achieve:

  1. You need to understand what time it is most convenient for you to work.
  2. Build a regime.
  3. Start exercising.
  4. Get enough sleep and eat right.

2. Inability to work with criticism

Criticism is useful and harmful. Helpful is all constructive feedback that will help you become better: any statements in your direction have no justification. A right freelancer knows how to deal with constructive criticism and ignore criticism.

You will have a lot of edits and criticisms while working. And this is entirely normal. If the customer or colleagues do not like something and they tell reasonably about it, this will allow you to become better. Someone else’s constructive criticism will save you energy and money because you will not make such mistakes next time.

3. Inability to sell yourself and your services

Selling yourself and your services is the essential skill of a freelancer. You have to show the client your value as a specialist, explain that you can solve their problem, and do it better than others. The better you sell yourself, the more high-priced customers you will have.

These are the three main problems for beginners and not only freelancers. It is essential to be able to close them as early as possible. This way, you can avoid many questions, and your freelance career will go much faster.

freelancing course

Paid Freelance Training Courses in Lahore

In conclusion, I would like to say a few words about paid courses and freelance training.

  • Those that provide a base and nothing more.
  • Those that teach some profession.
  • Those that allow you to pump in a niche.

The first category is all information businessmen and training schools that explain what freelance is and make money on the Internet. They will get off with common phrases, give some tips, list major exchanges and freelance sites, and this is where all the help and useful information will end. A minimum of relevant information, no insider is information and difficulties.

There are plenty of examples of such courses in every niche. And these courses fall under the category of “leveling above average”. You will gain skills that will give you even more customers and allow you to increase the price tag for your work with them. I recommend taking them only after you have achieved a stable income in the profession.


Becoming the right freelancing course is very difficult. It will take you time and effort to go from an unknown employee from 500$ a month to a highly demanded specialist who receives 100$ per project. Spend time learning and make as few mistakes as possible.

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