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Pay Per Click - PPC Training in Lahore, Pakistan

This PPC course will transform you into the expert prepared to overcome the saturated market by taking your ventures to a new pinnacle. Selecta Training offers the best Google promotions course and PPC training in Lahore. Our industry experts devise a practical training curvature to help understand the nuisance of online promotion and generating traffic to the website. Our online marketing course is exclusively designed to help you grow your business and teach you skills to maximize the ROI from your PPC campaign. This advanced Google promotions course with its focus on PPC training will elevate your career by transforming you into a specialist in digital marketing by managing several important marketing programs.

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Course Features

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A Complete review of PPC Course in Lahore

Pay per Click advertising is a ground-breaking tool on the web today to draw in the crowd. It prompts a positive Return on Investment (ROI) and produces traffic to the site that promotes traffic development to your business. The advertiser gets charged each time a client taps on the advertisement, and thus the term Pay per Click. Selecta Training offers the best PPC course in Pakistan and it aims to provide online marketing courses to help you grab the maximum audience. Get this PPC course and you will be guided by expert mentors, in the field of Google display advertising, paid search, PPC and web analytics, bidding methods, and measurement of performance for campaigns that drive considerable ROI.

Search Engine Marketing

With a huge number of products out on the web, your business needs an inventive promoting methodology to stand apart among all. Search Engine Marketing – SEM is a cutting-edge yet compelling technique utilized today to make your business stands its chance in an undeniably thick market. Our PPC training institute in Pakistan provides PPC training and Google ad words courses that will help make you a specialist of online advertising and digital marketing by equipping you with techniques required to earn top sponsored search results on Google or any other search engine like Bing, etc.

PPC Training Key Features
  • Over 60 hours of all mixed learning
  • 5 industries specific projects
  • Aligned to Bing and Google Ads Certification exam
  • Get to know about display marketing, re-marketing as well as content marketing

Skills Covered

  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM) overview
  • PPC Strategy, Planning and Optimization
  • Keyword Research
  • Principles of Bidding Auction
  • Bidding Strategies
  • Strategically use Bid Adjustment
  • Ad Types in Google Ads
  • Search Ads
  • Display Ads
  • Google Ads Extensions
  • Conversion Tracking
  • Re-marketing Ads

Pay Per Click is the best approach to develop your business today. It is forming organizations around the world by growing the outreach of the products, bringing more traffic, and guaranteeing positive ROI to the site.


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What You'll Learn

Google Ads Overview

Google Ads course contains a summary of achievements and highlights crucial insights. Learning this PPC course is going to assist you to review the performance of all Google marketing platforms instantly, view your whole account or any specific campaign and group of ads.

Types of Google Ads and Ads Extensions

You would now be able to keep up absolute control of your product campaign with Google Ads and Extension. With our expertly planned Google advertisements essentials course, find out about its important types and reach to get a huge crowd on site.

Keyword & Bidding Strategies

Learn PPC from the best PPC training institute in Pakistan to know about this basic tool to build up a triumphant search engine marketing campaign. Pay per Click Training support to rank your advertisements on Google and will prove to be a game-changer for your website.

Conversion Tracking & Re-marketing

Join up this Google Ads Course to observe how successfully you can gather the data of the multitude of clients by monitoring all the changes, this would then help you in framing a rundown of all the users to keep them connected to your brand through sales Remarketing strategy.

Who is this PPC Training Course For?

This Google advertisements course is focused on all the individuals searching for PPC training in Lahore and looking to accomplish a top position in their field by using the advanced devices of publicizing to interact with the audience and develop their business universally. We design our PPC courses according to the student’s need and help them achieve their goals through continuous training and professional guidance.


Our courses are best for individuals previously engaged with online earning, E-trade organizations, and now need to develop the scope of their business around the world. This course is additionally ideal for individuals simply venturing into the universe of web promoting and needs to increase their profound understanding of this world before start making progress in their fields.


You are not expected to have any related knowledge prior to joining this PPC training in Lahore. We will assist you to reach the advanced level of learning from the basics, where you will be able to understand the market inside out.

Why Choose Us For PPC Training in Lahore

We at Selecta Training, the best PPC training institute in Lahore are dedicated to providing a platform for all those individuals aiming to reach the highest in their fields by bringing in the role of modern digital tools. PPC is the game-changer for businesses around the world today and it’s a skill one has to master to attract potential clients and grow. We design our PPC courses according to the student’s needs and help them achieve their goals through continuous training and professional guidance.

Selecta Training is committed to making its students’ progress in the dense market of business today by making them equipped with all the necessary strategies and tools required to grow in the area of marketing. Our professional PPC trainers and experts are equipped with years of experience and are highly qualified to deliver the best of knowledge to their students. Students who have completed their PPC advertising training from Selecta Training are masters in their field today and have managed to get the best job opportunities in the market and are making a great income.

Selecta Training offers advanced PPC courses in Pakistan if you decide to learn from the bests in the IT market then feel free to contact us to get further details about how to apply for this course or any other course of your choice. We also offer SEO training and digital marketing course in Lahore, you can also visit our website for further details.

PPC Training FAQs

Why Use PPC?

The best way to develop your business in the dense market today is by reaching your intended audience group in less time. PPC is one extraordinary technique to help you here. Whenever a search is made about anything relevant to your product or your services or visits any web page that contains Google ads, then your website appears right in from of that person.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing is an effective tool based on utilizing the internet and email to reach your audience. It helps you to grow by obtaining leads, sales conversions, and helping you reach the target audience.

Is the Google ads course updated to the latest trend and relevant?

All the Google ads courses designed by Selecta Training are up to date. Our trainers keep themselves updated on the latest trends and keep merging them into the courses so as to provide their students with the latest strategies.

How are our trainers selected and who are they?

All of our trainers have years of specialization at their hands in training the students across the globe. Our PPC course trainers are selected after a selection process to ensure quality training to our students.

What is viewed as a decent quality score?

Google makes the positioning from 1 to 10 and for the most part, a score of 6 is viewed as acceptable. Yet, the better the score the more successful the ad will be. It generally relies upon the watchword importance and the efficiency of the PPC advertisements.

Which one is better, PPC or SEO?

PPC and SEO are different domains however both are focused to fill business needs. PPC is best for prompt and compelling outcomes since it’s quick however SEO means keeping up the long-term presence of your business by keeping up a natural reach of the product.

How does this PPC course work?


The course will begin by equipping you with the basic fundamentals of PPC including an overview of Search Engine Marketing and focus on the PPC Strategy, Planning, and Optimization. This course will help you understand the core skills required to be an expert in your field.


After the initial training, you will be introduced to the Principles of Strategic Bidding, bidding adjustments, and Keyword Research tools. You will be taught all the tactics required to run successful marketing campaigns.

What’s next?

Next, you will learn about the techniques required for Search Ads, Display Ads, and Google Ads Extensions. Ads play a vital role to grow your business and help you gain massive engagements, and our experts will teach you all the skills required to achieve this goal. 



By the end of the course, when you will achieve most of your learning goals, we will introduce you to the complex yet important tools of Conversion Tracking and Re-marketing Ads. This course will enable you to promote your business worldwide and will help you bring positive ROI to your website.

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