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As a digitally expert company, Selecta Training delivers advanced social media marketing courses in Lahore to aid students to develop expertise and companies to expand their businesses. Our central goal is to give a stage to our local organizations by bringing online media advertising courses in Pakistan and helping organizations to extend their development.

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Overview of Social Media Marketing Courses in Lahore

Using social media for marketing your product or company may seem like a simple task. However, the skill requires engaging a following with consistency and effort. It requests broad exploration about the crowd, following, and competition. This Social media marketing training in Lahore aims to help your brand image gain gigantic out-reach.

  1. Exposure to effective ventures using social media marketing course in Lahore
  2. Gain detailed insights into the benefits of social media marketing training in Lahore for business.
  3. Learn to launch and run a successful social media marketing campaign.
  4. Identify the intended interest group and how to contact them.
  5. Learn appropriate metrics required for leading SMM campaigns successfully.

Skills Covered

  • Social media marketing overview
  • Social media marketing strategy
  • Competitor analysis
  • Facebook marketing
  • Facebook ads manager
  • Facebook pixels
  • Instagram ads
  • LinkedIn marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • YouTube marketing
  • Conversation tracking
Benefits of Social media marketing course in Lahore

Social media marketing makes it easy for your brand to engage the existing audience as well as bring the new audience on board by effectively increasing your business outreach.


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Social Media Marketing Training in Lahore - What You'll Learn

Social Media Marketing Overview & Strategies

Learn about the strategies and tools required for impeccable social media marketing It is all about judging which content will appeal and hold the interest of the audience to increase your brand’s reach.

Facebook, Instagram Marketing & Ads Manager

In this social media marketing course in Lahore, you will learn how to engage your audience using different popular social media platforms Ad managers to attract new clients and generate sales from them.

Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube Marketing

Marketing is now not only limited to a few platforms. Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube are great places to promote your product and gain for your brand professional recognition.

Conversion Tracking & Remarketing

Conversation tracking helps you understand how your customer interacts with Ad and aid you in making better-informed choices for gaining ROI and do remarket.

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For Whom Social Media Marketing in Lahore is Suitable?

These social media marketing course in Lahore are available for any student who wants to become a Social media marketing expert and for every business looking to promote their business through internet-based platforms. Through this course, any business that wants to expand the number of audience and customers can get social media marketing training in Lahore.

The social media marketing course in Lahore is open to all, irrespective of how much experience you have. Any beginner in social marketing or someone who already knows about social media marketing can avail of this course.

Why Choose Us For Social Media Marketing in Lahore?

We are one of the best social media training institutes in Lahore, providing high-quality social media courses with a lot of learning in a short amount of time. Many companies in Pakistan lack international recognition due to insufficient knowledge of marketing. We want our companies to reach international standards by providing social media marketing Lahore.

We offer the best social media marketing course in Pakistan. We provide online courses to students looking to run a successful social media campaign on various social media marketing platforms like Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and many more.


Apply for this social media marketing course in Lahore right now to make the best investment for your company/brand.

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Social Media Marketing Course FAQs

What is Social Media Marketing?

Social media marketing Pakistan is the concept of using online or internet-based platforms to market your brand/company/product. As the world is shifting online and becoming more digitally sound with advanced technology, this has become the modern way of promoting a company, brand, or product.

Why is the course for social media Marketing Important?

To attain full advantage from a skill, it is essential to learn it. Learn social media marketing skills you will be able to promote your business on a different social platform and get maximum sales or leads. Taking a social media marketing course is an aid to polish your Social marketing skill and be the best at it.

What platforms are used for social marketing?

A great number of businesses are using a variety of social marketing platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, and Snapchat. However, many people also use websites and blog pages to showcase what their company or business offers.

Who is my audience as a Social media marketing expert?

An average teenager’s screen time is at least 9 hours a day. The amount of time spent on social media platforms is 2 hours for the minimum including teenagers and young adults from 20-30 years old. By enrolling in this social media marketing course in Lahore you will understand and learn how you can identify what is the best audience to promote business. The social media marketing course for businesses provides an insight on how to engage, target, and attract these people that are spending so much time on screen.

Why Should I join this course?

Through these social media courses in Pakistan, you will be taught various tools and strategies on how to reach out to your audience once your company is established on a certain social media platform. Social media marketing is the digital tool that can maximize your product reach by letting you grasp the customers from around the globe. Learn social media marketing to make your brand accessible to a mass audience.

What is the main goal of this course?

Getting to know your audience and learning what they want in a product is essential for selling it out. The main goal of this course is to assist learners in understanding what the customer demands from the business and to add positive reviews and new customers to the business.

Who should do this social media course?

This course is designed for people looking to grow their business using modern tools and platforms. This course will be useful for anyone:

  • wants to start a new business
  • looking to grow a small business
  • increase followers and customers
  • expand nationally or internationally
  • Wants to target a specific audience concerning age, culture, or gender.

Where is this course taught?

We are a digital expert company based in Pakistan and are bringing this course to you in Pakistan’s major cities which include Lahore, Islamabad, and Karachi.

What are the requirements to take this course?

You do not need any experience to be a part of this course. This course is open to everyone whether you are a beginner or an already established company. However, what you do need to take the course are an easily accessible computer or a laptop and the internet.

How is Selecta Training improving this industry?

When we work with a business company, our experts always keep them updated with the audience demand and the company’s competitors. This helps us to better guide our students to expand their product reach and bring in more audience.

Why should I use social media for marketing instead of conventional methods?

With an online campaign, you can reach out to a massive number of people at a much less cost. Not only is it cost-effective, but is also very time effective. Unlike the traditional methods, you don’t have to wait hours or days to get your message across because social media does within seconds or minutes.

How much do I spend on social media to gain an audience?

In a recent investigation, it has appeared that to reach a following of 2,000 people, the cost using the conventional marketing methods is nearly $1000 whereas marketing through social media consumes only $100 which is 10x less. An exact number cannot be put on the budget for your social media marketing but it is guaranteed that you’ll be saving money.

How does this Social Media Marketing course work?


This course aiming to teach the fundamentals of SMM is designed to help our students learn the importance of the digital world in the expansion of the business. This course will give you an overview of social media marketing and its strategies. Along with this, it will also introduce you to live projects to build up your expertise.



The course will then equip you with the concepts of competitor analysis and Facebook marketing, ads and pixels. You will also learn about how important social media marketing is in today’s digital world.

What’s next?

After learning about the basics of Facebook, our experts will introduce you to the essential tools required to promote your brand on other social media platforms such as Instagram, Linked In, Twitter, and YouTube. 



You will be taught about the fundamental concept of conversion tracking, which can help you keep a track of your progress and can guide you to achieve better results and engagements. This course will develop in you the skills required to be successful and marketing and promoting your brand worldwide. 

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