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Pakistan’s most advanced Digital Marketing course in Lahore


Digital Marketing is necessary for a business or a marketing professional. Learning digital marketing has never been more fun and easier, as here at Selecta Training, our digital marketing training will help you increase your sales, traffic, profits, and brand recognition. Our experts will master your skills in SEO, Google PPC Ads, Freelancing, and Social media marketing.

digital marketing in Lahore

Course Features

Digital Marketing Course

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2022/02/24 15:59:57

Digital Marketing Course Outline

In this era, Digital Marketing skills are the most sought-after skills in 2020. It is the strategy used to connect with the audiences across digital channels. The things taught in the digital marketing course are Search Engine Optimization (SEO), PPC Ads, WordPress, Social Media Advertising, and Freelancing course. The course covers all the digital marketing strategies and skills that help you become an expert in the marketing field.

  • Training classes
  • Work on live projects
  • Certifications at the end of the course
  • Qualified and smart teachers available.
  • Physical classes, with no internet problem.

Skills Covered

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content Marketing
  • Social Meida Marketing
  • Google PPC Ads
  • Freelancing course
  • WordPress course

Digital Marketing helps reach a larger audience and generate more revenue, with 150,000 jobs estimated to be created by 2020.


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For who is this Digital Marketing Course?

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What You'll Learn

Search Engine Optimization Fundamentals

Learn how search engines work and how to increase your page’s ranking by utilizing off-page factors as well.

Google PPC Ads

Conduct research to identify the keywords and use proper CTA that will help you run your PPC campaign.

Social Media Marketing

Become an expert in generating traffic online from social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and your business or Twitter. It helps to connect with your audience and increase sales and revenue.

WordPress Websites

Websites are mandatory for an online business, and our course will help you master website creation, which will help you make professional websites in less than 4 hours.

Digital Marketing Course

For who is this Digital Marketing course?

  1. This digital marketing course in Pakistan is for small businesses and entrepreneurs struggling with their online business and would like to get higher traffic, which will generate higher sales and revenue.
  2. Marketing professional or young students who would like to learn skills like freelancing, PPC, SEO, etc.

* No previous expertise in the digital marketing course outline field required. The participants may start from scratch or can be even experts in this field. A brief questionnaire segment will be held before the first class to understand everyone’s needs and ambitions.

Why choose us for Digital Marketing Training in Lahore

  • Face to face on campus classes by experienced and qualified staff.
  • Advanced Digital Marketing course outline in Lahore for experts and beginners.
  • We provide guaranteed internships after course completion for the selected candidates who have done well in the exams.
  • Three months duration of classes that will enable you to become an expert in the field.
  • We provide SEO coursePPC course, and freelancing training that will help you in jobs and earnings.
  • We suggest SEO tools and work strategies.
  • Our course also includes a website designing module that will help you design and run a website.
  • Help available on our website from our experts 24/7
  • One free session of Digital Marketing for free.
  • You will get worldwide accepted Google and Facebook certificates.
  • The most economical package in the industry.
Digital marketing training


How long are digital marketing course in Pakistan?

The whole digital marketing short course will go for three months. The course will be distributed into different modules

Who can take this course?

  • Anyone who wants to move digitally.
  • Small business owners who want to increase their sales and traffic.
  • A businessman who wants to improve the Google presence of his business.
  • Copywriters.
  • People who want to earn money through freelancing.
  • Students who want to learn a skill and get jobs.
  • Anyone who wants to know how to make a website.

Do we give any free resources?

No, we do not provide any free resources or tools for SEO.

But yes free resources such as recorded video lectures in WhatsApp groups, suggest tools and strategies, and links for reading

Why do we have physical classes ?

The course we teach is more practical than theoretical based, and that’s why we arrange on-campus classes at our location in Wapda Town. People all over the city can access this place easily and being face to face with the instructor helps and makes the question answering session much easier and simpler, also internet facilities in Pakistan are not up to mark, so its better to arrange On campus classes.

Why should anyone do this digital marketing course in Pakistan?

Digital Marketing is the leading marketing strategy used in 2020, and it’s estimated that approximately 150,000 jobs will be created in the digital marketing field by the end of 2020. It is easier to gain expertise in this field and earns a healthy income from it

Why choose us?

  • We have the most affordable price in the country.
  • We have expert and qualified staff.
  • We provide full attention and, help is available on our site 24/7.
  • We will help you develop a website and work on it certainly.
  • We will teach you how to increase sales and revenue through digital marketing.
  • We have a diverse course that contains a lot of modules, and you can gain expertise in every one of them.

Is the fee refundable?

No, the fee is not refundable at all.

Is the training practical?

The training we provide covers both theory and practical, as with only theory you can not learn digital marketing course. We involve you in real-life problems to give a sense of the practical life.

Do we have online classes?

No, we do not have online classes. Only on campus classes at our campus in Wapda Town.

How can I earn money after this course?

You can do online earning through freelancing on different sites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc., or may start E-Commerce and make your online store. You can also promote services and start consultation and guiding the juniors.

Will I be given a certificate?

Yes, every instructor will have his way of judging your skills and will give you assignments from which you will be evaluated, and you will get a certificate at the end of the course.

What to do if I miss a class?

Every class is recorded, which will be given to you. Further, we will also have 24/7 assistance so you can always ask your queries.


How does this Digital Marketing Course work?


The first thing we will be learning in the course will be SEO; we will analyze your website with an SEO checklist and see what changes the website needs. We will solve minor issues and tell you how to research the keywords with our tools and then will demonstrate how to display SEO in Lahore and user-friendly content.


We will teach you about the Google PPC ads and other social media marketing techniques that use the keywords to rank your product or website higher on social media sites like Facebook and Google.

What’s next?

We will provide a complete tutorial on how to use WordPress and use that to make your website within no time. We will then check your website’s performance and speed and guide you on how to tackle these issues.


We perform an SEO audit for your site and list the keywords. We also teach you how to use your skills to earn a healthy income online by freelancing.
The freelancing training in Lahore will help you to implement your skills professionally and will also help you enroll in the E-Commerce business providing the needed training and guidance. The students can also start other services like initiate a digital agency or step into real estate business.

Digital Marketing training in Lahore

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